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  1. hey man,
    I just started reading your blog acouple of weeks ago. I was curious do you have a post that lists some of your favorite music to listen to while working out? I know your a dj and have a vast music knowledge, if you do could you point me to it, if not could you post one?

  2. As an asian guy with just weight 140 lbs and 5’11” tall. I had tried join a gym and had a personal trainer for about 8 months. Lost some weight but didn’t have a significant increase of muscle mass. And now, I have stopped to going to gym due to work for over 1 year. The only thing that is increasing size is my belly. I found it is much harder for a skinny person to build in shape than a fat person. Do you have any advance on this? Any tips? Thanks.

    • It seems like an issue similar to some of my friends had. I say hit the gym slowly first. Start cutting carbs at night for the belly. Increase your intensity and start taking some protein shakes and muscle mass supplements. My friend did that and it worked quite well for him. He is about the same height as you and is now DIESEL!

  3. Hey, I just joined LA Fitness month ago and wasn’t exceptionally motivated until I read some of your posts (650 days worth is time consuming!) and considering recording my progress as well. Thanks for sharing your success story, I’m happy to have found your site through MSN.

  4. Mary M. Says:

    What are your thoughts on a lower carb lifestyle?

    • It’s something you can’t do overnight. It would be like cutting cigarettes overnight. Your body needs carbs for energy and definitely pre and post workout. It’s critical! I really don’t like carbs late night because your body don’t need it when you sleep since you’re not doing much.

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