Operation GQ day 1146

Legs at the gym, then Core and Cardio at the WorldFIT Center. I did a lot of thinking this morning while training outdoors. Operation GQ has really helped me a lot more than just physically. It has helped me build my confidence in a major way.

I would probably be miserable today if I had stopped working out. After a rough breakup, you will most likely hit rock bottom. Sitting at home and waiting for a miracle to happen can be very unhealthy. To help me heal, I kept myself busy by going to the gym. It helped me forget the pain and it helped me have a social life.

Today, I can say that I have moved on. I do not have any anger, grudge, regrets, or bitterness, and I can now look forward to new adventures in life. It took time to heal, but time is what is needed in order to get back on your feet. Yet, in order to get back on your feet, confidence is needed. Confidence doesn’t magically appear in your life. Just like success, it has to be earned and preserved.

Therefore, if you’re going through a breakup, then I suggest to take care of yourself first and hit the gym, or do any kind of physical activity that will help you clear your mind!

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