Operation GQ day 1347

Back tonight. Here is a great tip! I have been living this lifestyle for quite some time now, and I can testify that I feel 100 times better today than when I was living the unhealthy party life as a DJ.

It’s very hard mentally and physically to go from being lazy and eat unhealthy foods to cross over to the healthy life. A great way to help achieve it, is to set realistic goals for yourself as well as to create a support system of people who can motivate, encourage, and inspire you to succeed.

As your friend, nothing would make me happier than being able to see you healthier than ever before. Why? It’s just an awesome feeling to feel this way. Better sleep, better mood, better everything!

I know that not everyone will care to be healthy, and that is just the reality of it. Yet, I have seen friends succeed at it. It’s a priceless feeling! It’s one of the many reasons why Operation GQ hasn’t ended. If my journey can bring some motivation into your life, then I am happy that I was able to assist you to take initiative towards a healthier version of yourself.

My inbox is always open if you ever need guidance, tips, or advice! Thanks to everyone who has encouraged, pushed, supported, and challenged me over the years.


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