Operation GQ day 2285

And this was my very last run for 2015! #10K Here are some of my favorite highlights of the year!

Distance ran: 1103.53 km (685.70 miles) I am a little crazy, I know. 

Top 3 favorite places to run:

Copacabana Beach | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why? The fresh air, the beach, the people, and there is NOTHING like drinking some fresh Água de coco after a run! 

Stanley Park | Vancouver, Canada 

Why? The mountains, the perfect temperature, the super nice view, the people, and the outstanding Japanese food… Gotta love Van City!

Yoyogi Park | Tokyo, Japan

Why? Japanese runners are no joke. They mean business! You can find professional runners there. Their pace is ridiculously fast! It just makes you want to step your game up! And the food… Oh boy! 

2016: I plan on continuing my mission, which is to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle! And of course, travel as much as I can! 

Thank you for reading my daily blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!




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