Operation GQ day 2344

I just got done making this and I just want to show everyone that this is what a healthy meal should look like. 
The number one reason people fail miserably at losing weight is because they either have no clue what and why to eat certain foods or they fail at portion control. Hence you train year after year with zero result. 
Or you have folks who do the no carb diet, see fast results, to usually ending up bigger after. DIETS DON’T WORK LONG TERM!
A healthy balanced meal should always consist of a lean protein and carb that can each fill up your hand. And TONS OF VEGGIES! In this case, I cooked asparagus, portobello mushrooms and spinach sautéed in olive oil at lower heat and added a little himalaya pink salt and fresh ground black pepper. 
When you don’t see results, it can start playing with your head. Your motivation level will not be as high. Therefore chances that you end up quitting will increase. On the other hand, when your body and performance levels are progressing, then it becomes fun. A fun that will turn into passion. And a passion that will turn into a lifestyle. 



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