Operation GQ day 2555

Gym this morning. 365th consecutive week of training today! Who the hell does that? I am crazy. What can I say? But man… what an incredible journey this has been so far. Documenting my fitness journey on a daily basis really helped reminding me how far I came along. People thought that I was going to quit within 30 days lol
I mean… that’s not people hating, it’s more how it really is usually. This lifestyle isn’t a walk in the park to achieve and even gets harder to maintain. I’ll always remember a text from my #1 boo Hoan Van who said he believed in me when I announced that I was planning to train all around the world and help promote a healthy lifestyle to whoever I ran into. 
And so far, I can say that my goal has been reached. I may not be the typical fitness person with thousands of followers, but I am ok with that. I know that some people whether local at my job to Aussies, some folks in Asia and Europe as well as some in South America… were inspired to eat healthier, be physically active on a regular basis and sleep better. And that is all I can ask for! 
If my journey can help even just one person in this world, then Operation GQ will be a success in my books. And even if it doesn’t inspire or help anyone, it will not stop as a result. I love being healthy way too much to ever go back to the old me. #NEVERGIVEUP  



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