Operation GQ day 2758

Gym tonight. Today is the start of the 394th consecutive week of training. There were plenty of ups and downs. It wasn’t an easy journey. There are pleny of days where I have zero motivation. This is mental before anything. It’s easy to last a few weeks or even months and be on the high, but to me it’s when you’ve hit a low point is what will make you or break you. This is when the #NEVERGIVEUP mode comes in. At this point, I just can’t.
I started on day 1 with the mission to better myself. Until this day, my goal hasn’t changed. As I grow older, I have learned to listen to my body and never over train, because that’s a mistake almost everyone makes at the beginning. Not over training is a major key to remain injury free and stay consistent week in and week out. Eat healthy as much as you can, but never refrain from enjoying yourself as well. Once your body is used to eat healthy, then eating bad foods will become irrelevant. This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. #nevergiveup

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