Operation GQ day 2822

Gym and 5K Run. I received a brand new iPod by the mail yesterday. I then loaded my playlist with the usual artists, which included tons of Mobb Deep tracks. When I found out that he passed away, I was just speechless, still am really. 
See when Prince passed away, as much as he was a legend, it didn’t affect me nowhere near as Prodigy’s death. I mean we’re talking about the HNIC, the dunn, and 1/2 of QB’s own Mobb Deep!!! Each time I DJ, I use “Burn” to warm up before an event. If you only knew how many times I have played “Quiet storm” while performing or bumping “It’s mine” before a job interview lol
He was only 5 years older than me, that’s just crazy. Gone way too young! The Hiphop community has lost a true legend, literally. Rest in Peace P!  



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