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Operation GQ day 2927

Posted in Daily journal on October 4, 2017 by operationgq

Going on 2 years being single now. Finding a date, easy. A girlfriend, easy. Sex, easy. What’s hard is to find someone you know that 20 years from now, she will still be there and love you unconditionally. I mean how many couples have you seen on social media fail, myself included? Too daym many! I have stories for days about the dating world lol Literally… The good ones are usually all taken. The bad ones act like they are entitled to the whole world, but yet have nothing else to offer but a vagina. And then you got the smart ones, but lazy as hell or the hard working ones, but dumb as shit lol

Fellas, if you got a real keeper, you know someone that is truly amazing and makes you happy, then enjoy it! Because the older we get, the shittier the candidates are lol All I know is I treat my relationship life like I do with my career… I won’t settle for less, those days are long over. Better be alone than in bad company. Like seriously, fuck that shit. I can’t imagine myself having to deal with a shitty ass baby mama and all of the shit that it would come with. I would rather be alone forever.