Operation GQ day 3126

Something pretty entertaining happened while training today. We were 5 total at my work’s gym. One was on the bench press. Dude is swoll. You would think he would be a beast. He was benching 185 lbs and then I said: “Add more, I’ll spot you.” He goes up to 205 lbs, does 4 reps, but I had to help. I then said: “Go for 225 lbs”

He then does 2 reps, but no way without my help. He was feeling diesel, feeling like a beast. I haven’t even started my workout yet. He then said: “Bet you can’t lift this!!!”

I said: “Doubt it. I can always try.”

He comes to spot me. I did 15 reps, zero assistance.

Dude’s face turned white lol and said: “WTF BRO you strong as hell!” The other 3 dudes were like 😱🤦🏻‍♂️

Moral of the story: Looking “big” doesn’t mean you’re strong. And don’t be that person at the gym thinking you’re untouchable. It can make you look like a fool one day.

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