Operation GQ day 3175

Since this morning, I have yet to swallow and accept Bourdain’s death. If there is one lesson to be learned other than get your ass out of your comfort zone and start traveling the world, it’s mental health! Some you may see it coming, some you are shocked, but in his case, completely speechless. He has the life that most people in this world can only dream of. It just shows that we all have our demons to battle, somewhat, somehow.

If you only knew how many times I have viewed his shows to either help plan or pick my next destination. 32 countries in 3 years was the result! I do not know how it feels to have his life, but I got a slight glimpse of it. The glamour, the excitment, the loneliness, the good times, the dark side, but best of all, connecting with people through food.

Anthony Bourdain was able to tell a story about a city you already knew very well, and still made you learn something new. His episode of The Layover in Montreal was a classic. This man was simply a gifted genius and someone I felt that I knew personally. To some people, he was just someone who has a TV show that travels and eat. To me, he was a true inspiration. Tony opened up my eyes to the world. May you rest in Peace Mr. Bourdain! I shall continue to live your lifestyle whether with or without a family, married or single. Life is too short to stay in one place. #nevergiveup

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