Operation GQ day 3648

Gym during lunch. Soccer and Basketball after work. Jesus Buddha! What’s with the comments from yesterday’s post!? Operation GQ isn’t over. Just done with FB! Once I reach my 10 year mark, I can finally remove FB’s app from my phone. Same way I did with IG, Snapchat and Twitter. I’ll download them whenever I go on vacation. I literally have no time and no interest for it anymore.

If you need to reach me, I have a phone number. That’s another thing I hate about social media, it made friendship shit. You see someone die. You get a RIP and life goes on about an hour later. You remember how everyone went crazy when I announced that I became a father out of nowhere!? That’s the old school way.

The element of surprise is gone for so many people on social media because of an overload of info about themselves. Hence that’s why that shit is boring and useless to me.

I got bigger fish to fry.

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