Operation GQ day 3653 aka 10 YEAR MARK aka FINAL FB post ever

Gym this morning, 5K Run in the evening, and suicides at the soccer field to finish the day. TEN YEARS straight of training. Never missed a week. Never missed a day of posting. It’s been one hell of a journey. I still love training and will continue as long as I possibly can, but the urge/passion/fun to be on social media died a long time ago. Hence why I will only post on my blog starting tomorrow. As of Monday, I am gone from FB! I’ll re-activate it whenever I go on vacation again.

I’d like to thank everyone who supported me and played a role in helping me throughout the ups and downs of this journey. To me, it’s how I end that matters. And until this day, I can still run, lift, eat healthy, and maintain this lifestyle. That was Operation GQ’s long term goal, and I am glad I succeeded.

Until then, you can follow my journey on OperationGQ.com!


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