Operation GQ – How it started

Operation GQ started on September 30th 2009. I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and told myself: “ENOUGH of this non sense, I am tired of being overweight!”

The first thing I did was to walk into LA Fitness and sign up for a gym membership. Second step was to get mental support because I knew that I couldn’t do this alone. I knew that there was only place where all of my friends and family could keep track with my life. It was on Facebook!

So I started to write every single day: “Operation GQ day 1” and write thoughts, questions, and eventually ended up giving advices to my friends and family.

I found out so much about myself, nutrition, the human body, the  gym workouts and training sessions. The key to weight loss is a mix of a lot of things. You definitely need:

  • CLEAN DIET – When & what to eat
  • CARDIO – Proper amount at the proper heart rate and at the proper time
  • WEIGHTS – DO NOT SLEEP on weights!
  • and the list goes on!

Why do people fail so miserably to lose weights?

I come to find out many reasons why people do.

Here are some reasons:

  • People expect to see TV results. TV products are full of non sense. Think about it! When was the last time you have seen a person who is obese and suddenly have a 6 pack 90 days later? or even worse 6 weeks later? TV will never tell you: “Hey lose weight in one year!” Who in the world would buy into that? NO ONE! It’s the same concept as TV ads selling make money at home. Earn $150k a year ! It’s a bunch of NON SENSE!
  • STUBBORNNESS – If you think you know it all, prepare to FAIL! There is a reason why nutritionists and trainers exists on this planet. They know more than you do. Listening to them pays off!

On this blog, you will never see me sugar coat anything. It’s tough, hard, and requires a lot of dedication to get the fat off your body permanently. I will do my best to share my every day experience to help as many people as I can fight body fat off their body!

Thank you for reading.

Here is day 1 to 200

Day 300

4 Responses to “Operation GQ – How it started”


  2. Charles Says:

    I had enough, I feel like life is passing me buy. I would love to be your starting weight (195lbs) right now. Starting Operation GQ in the morning!

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