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Operation GQ day 1571

Posted in Daily journal, Weight Loss Tips on January 16, 2014 by operationgq

Rest day. 80% of people who have lost weight will gain it back within 2 years of losing it because they did not change their lifestyle. 95 to 98% of people who attempt to lose weight permanently will fail. Those numbers are based on long-term studies.

Think it’s easy still? So quit the salads on weekdays and then getting drunk on weekends. That shit is never going to work.

You seriously want to lose weight? Then be serious about it. Eat a well-balanced meal each time. Train with intensity. Hang out with the right people. Study nutrition. Study weight-lifting. Ask questions. Seek answers. Repeat. Strive for progression. Learn from failure. And most of all… DON’T ACCEPT IT!

Operation GQ day 1359

Posted in Daily journal, Photos, Weight Loss Tips on June 19, 2013 by operationgq

Operation GQ day 1359: Back, and 5K Run for Cardio. Something to think about and that could be applied in all aspects of life…


Operation GQ day 1347

Posted in Daily journal, Photos, Weight Loss Tips on June 7, 2013 by operationgq

Back tonight. Here is a great tip! I have been living this lifestyle for quite some time now, and I can testify that I feel 100 times better today than when I was living the unhealthy party life as a DJ.

It’s very hard mentally and physically to go from being lazy and eat unhealthy foods to cross over to the healthy life. A great way to help achieve it, is to set realistic goals for yourself as well as to create a support system of people who can motivate, encourage, and inspire you to succeed.

As your friend, nothing would make me happier than being able to see you healthier than ever before. Why? It’s just an awesome feeling to feel this way. Better sleep, better mood, better everything!

I know that not everyone will care to be healthy, and that is just the reality of it. Yet, I have seen friends succeed at it. It’s a priceless feeling! It’s one of the many reasons why Operation GQ hasn’t ended. If my journey can bring some motivation into your life, then I am happy that I was able to assist you to take initiative towards a healthier version of yourself.

My inbox is always open if you ever need guidance, tips, or advice! Thanks to everyone who has encouraged, pushed, supported, and challenged me over the years.


Operation GQ day 1338

Posted in Daily journal, Photos, Weight Loss Tips on May 29, 2013 by operationgq

Legs and Cycling for Cardio. This is my favorite post-workout meal if I am eating out! Brown Rice Chicken Bowl from Chipotle with Black Beans, Tomatoes, Corn, Onions & Peppers, and Lettuce. No Cheese, Guacamole, or Sour Cream. It’s only $6.69 as well!

Also, I only eat half of of it, and take the rest to go. Your body only needs half of it, but your mind will tell you to eat it all! Controlling your portions is critical in achieving results!


Operation GQ day 1327

Posted in Daily journal, Photos, Weight Loss Tips on May 18, 2013 by operationgq

Legs tonight. I see so many people workout, but eat like they are auditioning for “Man v. Food”. It’s very awesome that you’re working out, but remember that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Something to think about…

3500 calories

Operation GQ day 1326

Posted in Daily journal, Photos, Weight Loss Tips on May 17, 2013 by operationgq

Rest day. Something to think about…

SLB_Poster-English and spanish.indd

Operation GQ day 1324

Posted in Daily journal, Photos, Weight Loss Tips on May 15, 2013 by operationgq

Meals for the next 3 days: Protein (Salmon, Shrimp, & Chicken) – Carbs (Steamed Red & Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Corn with Grape Tomatoes) – Veggies (Steamed Watercress, Spinach, & Broccolini)


Operation GQ day 1293

Posted in Daily journal, Photos, Weight Loss Tips on April 13, 2013 by operationgq

Core Workout this morning. I have picked up some snacks for work after the gym.

Raw almonds are the way to go! While salted or roasted almonds may taste a bit better, the added sodium won’t do you any favors. Also, sweeteners are sometimes used in roasting, jacking up the carbs and even reducing protein.

These are great! It’s easier to not overeat if they come in packages.

One pack contains:

100 Calories
80 Calories from Fat
9g Total Fat
0mg Sodium
4g Carbohydrate
2g Dietary Fiber
1g Sugars
4g Protein


Operation GQ day 1292

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Core Workout & Cycling for Cardio. Want a much more effective and productive workout? Leave your cell phone in the car or in the locker room! It will keep you focused, and decrease your rest time in between sets.

Operation GQ day 1290

Posted in Daily journal, Weight Loss Tips on April 11, 2013 by operationgq

Chest, Abs, and Cycling for Cardio. Someone has recently reached out to me in regards of weight-loss advice. Here is our conversation. Hope this can help some of you as well!

-> FB FRIEND: Hi Thailo

Ive just recently sent you a friend request, i heard about your weight loss journey and may i say im extremely inspired!!

Its one of the toughest challenge in my life, and i’m hoping to exchange some words of advice from a friend perspective with you thanks ahead

-> ME: Hi!

Thanks for the kind words. It was and can still be a tough challenge. What is your reason to want to lose weight? And how do you plan on achieving your goal?

-> FB FRIEND: Omg!! aww thank you so so much for replying!!!

my reason? im very much overweight plus im short.. not a good combination lol.. i want to be healthier.. My appearance made me insecure, prevented me from doing a lot of things i want to, even career wise, it’ll be beneficial to get into shape in so many ways

My plan? Workout more and eat less ??? ..i hoping i can at least workout 5 days a week .. How long a day would u recommend?? .. I need to find something to fit my schedule n keep in interest enough to stick to it…

i have a big family that does a lot of activities and good food together.. So I tend to get side track

How were u so motivated to stick to it?? I think the bad thing about me is i get side track .. Just horrible

I loss and gain it back..

Especially when my weight loss come to a stall.. I get disappointed and sighhhh

-> ME: Hey sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply. I have read your reply, but I am currently on vacation. Will reply once I get back in town.

-> FB FRIEND: Lol np at all! Thanks for the update! I think Ur super awesome for that already kaka!

And u do ur thing!! Enjoy that vacation u deserve every bit of it!!

Omg! I just realized something. Ur heathy food looks AWESOME!!! maybe prep packing my food would help!! Goodness, the healthy food i opt for havent been that ummm “yummy” hahaha

I learned something hihi thanks!

To be honest, at first i was afraid to tell u how unhealthy i eat or post pic but WOW!! U really know how to enjoy food!!! Im so glad!! workout hard n still enjoy!! U wanna be my si-fu (master/teacher)?? Hahaha

-> ME: Quick question:

Did you graduate from UCF?

-> FB FRIEND: Yes? Lol

-> ME: Then, you did it because you made it a priority, and not an option to graduate. I graduated from there as well. It means you took the time to study, do your hw, and had the discipline to stay focused when testings came around.

My point is of you make it a priority to lose weight and be healthy, rather than another trial and error, then you will do the research it takes, be consistent with your workouts and eating habits, and have as much drive to succeed as when you did to graduate out of UCF.

Just like school, if you studied and kept on failing all of your tests, then you would of most likely dropped out of college.

It’s important to achieve results in order to stay motivated.

Be read mentally. Just like college, success isn’t given. It’s earned!

-> FB FRIEND: Wow! Oh wow oh wow!! Can i say WOW again??! Haha, u just completely forever changed how i view about getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle!!!

I honestly never thought of it like college, and u are 100% right! Success isnt given its earned! From now on, imma take it like a daily hw, and each week/month is a test, i must meet every “requirements” on a daily, weekly, that i wont fail again, if i can grad UCF (you cant finish lol) .. How could i not here? In life!? My life!! Reaching my goal weight is graduation then let it be!! Haha

Believe it or not? After reading what you wrote im all energy up!!! On fire! Haha, like i can do it this time now that i got it mentally straight!! :))

They say the most valuable investment one can make is in his/her own health! And its about time i should strive to “profit” this time around! THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SOO MUCH!!! If i succeed i owe u big time! Wait, what an i talking about.. if? Nope, i WILL SUCCEED!!! Hahaha

You are the best!!!! :)))) again, THANK YOU!!!

-> ME: You’re welcome!

I must add:

Do you think you could of possibly learned everything you know at UCF in 90 days rather than 4 years?

Same with weight loss. It took you years to gain extra lbs, it will take time to get rid of it as well. I always advice this:

Focus on eating healthy, rather than some miracle diet. Eating healthy meaning learn to know what, why, and when to eat certain foods as well as what to avoid.

And yes, being healthy is one of the best feelings ever.

-> FB FRIEND: You made great points! It did took years! And i should pace myself when trying to go back down that scale huh?

What, why, when? I like that concept! Im learning a lot from you! Im going out today to stock my fridge with healthier food and do some prep for healthier meals so i could avoid going back to opting for the quick bad ones haha

May i ask about your workout routine or recommendation on this part?? Reduce the chance of having saggy skin?? I did my research of course, not trying to be a lazy bum here lol, i just want to seek for more advice from success like yourself :)) hihi

And also, just to let u know, your posts have been a big help as well keep up the great work!! Haha